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Whether it's for eyebrows or toes, our waxing treatments use Manuka honey and beeswax for sensitive skin. Alternatively, opt for Peron Rigot (the ultimate wax).

waxing treatment Menu

Treatment Price
Half Leg £16.50
Full Leg £23.25
Three Quarter Leg £19.75
Full Leg & Bikini Line £27.50
Forearm £8.25
Full Arm £12.20
Underarm £8.25
Bikini Line From £9.25
Brazilian £18.20
Brazilian (Peron Rigot) £29.00
Hollywood £19.20
Hollywood (Peron Rigot) £30.00
Nose £5.00
Lip £6.15
Chin £6.15
Lip & Chin £9.60
Back From £13.75
Back & Chest From £21.30
Toes £5.00
Eyebrow Shape £7.40
Eyebrow Shape & Tint £10.50

Before Your Appointment

  • Exfoliate prior to your treatment (ideally, the day before and again shortly beforehand), paying attention to shins, knees, ankles, the tops of your feet, toes, elbows and hands (particularly knuckles).
  • Moisturise the day before your treatment (but not on the day as the moisturiser will act as a barrier).
  • Do not shave, wax or have any peroxide tinting treatments in the 48 hours before your spray tan.
  • Remove all deodorant, make-up and perfume prior to the spray tan.
  • Wear (or bring) loose-fitting dark clothes and flip-flops for after the spray tan.

After Your Appointment

  • Do not:
    • Wear light-coloured fabric or sit directly on leather or light-coloured sofas.
    • Shower or wash (including your hands) while the DHA is working (1-3 hours).
    • Wear tight clothing while the DHA is working (1-3 hours).
    • Shave for at least 12 hours.
    • Apply moisturiser while the DHA is working (1-3 hours).
    • Exercise or swim for around 8 hours.

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