Tanning at the Lemon Tree

We offer both Fake Bake spray tans or sun bed tanning

Fake Bake Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is the perfect way to achieve an instant, flawless, bronzed holiday glow. For a special occasion, for the weekend, for a date, or…just because. Using our fine-mist spray gun and state-of-the-art extraction booth, one of our therapists can administer a flawless spray tan in just 20-30 minutes. After your spray tan, you must allow time for the DHA (Dihydroxyacetone - the ingredient in spray tan solution, a naturally occurring component derived from glucose), time to react. Usually, this will be 1-3 hours, depending on the tan colour required. (Our tan therapist will advise on how long you should refrain from showering, exercising or swimming to "fix" the right colour for you.)

After the fixing period, you must take a shower. Be aware though, that – even after this first shower – your tan will continue to develop over the next 5 to 8 hours. In this first shower, you are only looking to remove the "colour guide" in the tanning solution. At this stage, do not use soaps or exfoliation creams.

How Long does a spray tan last?

Once fixed (after 1-3 hours) and settled (after a further 5-8 hours), your spray tan will last between 5 and 7 days. However, this can be extended using tan extenders. Your tan will fade as part of your natural exfoliation process. The face and hands will fade first, as these are washed more frequently.

Spray Tan Menu

Treatment Price
Full Body £29.00
Just Legs £20.00

Before Your Appointment

  • Exfoliate prior to your treatment (ideally, the day before and again shortly beforehand), paying attention to shins, knees, ankles, the tops of your feet, toes, elbows and hands (particularly knuckles).
  • Moisturise the day before your treatment (but not on the day as the moisturiser will act as a barrier).
  • Do not shave, wax or have any peroxide tinting treatments in the 48 hours before your spray tan.
  • Remove all deodorant, make-up and perfume prior to the spray tan.
  • Wear (or bring) loose-fitting dark clothes and flip-flops for after the spray tan.

After Your Appointment

  • Do not:
    • Wear light-coloured fabric or sit directly on leather or light-coloured sofas.
    • Shower or wash (including your hands) while the DHA is working (1-3 hours).
    • Wear tight clothing while the DHA is working (1-3 hours).
    • Shave for at least 12 hours.
    • Apply moisturiser while the DHA is working (1-3 hours).
    • Exercise or swim for around 8 hours.

Make your spray tan last

  • Apply moisturiser after your post-tan shower.
  • Pat skin dry after showering as opposed to rubbing (which causes defoliation).
  • Use a tanning extender.
  • Avoid long hot showers and baths.
  • Avoid waxing.

Remember, a spray tan will not protect you from the sun, so apply sun-protection lotion as usual.

Sun Bed Tanning at the Lemon Tree

We have both stand-up and lie-down sunbeds. Come in for a quick consultation and get started on a long-lasting, genuine tan in preparation for a holiday, a special occasion or just to maintain radiance.

Sun Bed Menu

Treatment Description Price
Block Booking 90mins £50.00
Block Booking (Plus lotion of your choice) 90mins £62.00
Individual Minutes - Price on request

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