Nails, manicures & pedicures

Whatever shape, style or length your nails are, we can make them beautiful and glamorous with our Creative Nail Design (CND) and bespoke nail-art design. Choose from glitter, 3D effects or bling.

Alternatively, using our extensive OPI or Shellac range, we can match your nails to any outfit to complete your transformation or provide an immaculate French polish for that elegant look.

We have a beautiful range of Shellac colours, which will give you glossy, chip-resistant nails (fingers and toes) for up to three weeks. With no waiting time for drying, it's an absolute must for holidays or time away.

We also cater for bridal, birthday and pamper packages tailored to your requirements.

Nail Menu

Treatment Description Price
Full set of CND nails   £35.00
Full set of CND nails acrylics glitter nails   £37.00
Full set of CND nails acrylics glitter finish   £38.00
Capping   £25.00
Infills CND Nails   £18.00
Nail fix CND (per nail)   £2.50
Soak off CND nails   £10.00
Soak off and mini manicure   £15.00
Nair Art (per nail)   from £3.00
with glitter nails   £3.00 extra
Shellac Polish   £19.00
Shellac soak off   £6.00
Shellac Toes   £18.00

Manicures & Pedicures

Treatment Description Price
Manicure   £13.50
Luxury Manicure with paraffin wax or masque £20.50
Manicure with Polish   £17.50
Pedicure   £18.95
Luxury Pedicure with Callous Peel, paraffin wax or masque. £25.95
Pedicure & Polish   £22.95
Pedicure with Paraffin Wax with Callous Peel, paraffin wax or masque. £21.95
French Polish   £6.00
Nail Shape & Polish   £7.50

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